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6 September 2010

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Started 7 July...

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12 September 2010

Upgrade kits are not a modern invention. I have recently found at least two items of
evidence for this:

One unlisted part - the metal bracket, spot-welded to the inside of the aircleaner
cover, which holds the lock mechanism.  Maybe some had broken off?  Maybe
there were earlier covers on R125s which were secured in some other way?

I don't know.  If you know, let
me know!  I have 10 of them!

2) The
early choke mechanism was a semi-rotating flap fitted into the inlet tube,
controlled by a knob and cable fitted in front of the handlebars.  The later
mechanism used a simple knob pulling a sleeve inside the aircleaner sidecover.

From one dealer I received choke spindles, spiral return springs and choke flaps,
along with the inlet tube to which the choke parts were fitted.  It's hard to imagine
ever needing the inlet tube or any of these parts - another upgrade, perhaps?

8 September 2010

I cannot get over the way spare parts were handled in the 60s - parts were actually
kept in stock!

Back then, no one relied on air shipments to get the parts from overseas.  There
was usually a 6 month turnaround from order despatch to parts arrival.

Consequently even the most innocent parts were kept in stock.  I have 83 of the
needle clips
for the Fischer 19mm carburettor.  They came from 2 different
sources - one had 70 or so, with the remainder coming from another supplier.  If
you needed a jet needle clip and could not find one you would be in big trouble.  
Maybe they just wanted to make sure, or maybe they made a mistake, or maybe
they cost next to nothing?

Friday 6 August

Did you realise that there is a special rubber grommet which goes around the
spark plug, and sits in the top of the blower housing, to help prevent the loss of
cooling air from there?

Maybe it wasn't a high moving item, because I have 28 of them.

Friday 9 July 2010

The count has started!

As I unwrap some parts to check what is inside, and go through boxes previously
categorised, I am reminded that Australia's Puch dealers/importers ordered
quantities of some items which, in hindsight, might never be used.

There is a
spring clip, item 9 on the engine page, which stops the engine
adjusting bolt from working loose.  A high wear item?  From three of the 5 sources
I have a total of 40.  I hope you need one or two...

Or take item 23, described as a
centering bush.  This helps locate the long
kickstart shaft in the gearbox.  There's a lot of stress on this shaft, especially
because of the long, cranked kickstart lever itself.

The stress makes itself felt in the aluminium crankcase cover, where the kickstart
shaft exits.  This hole has been worn on any scooter I have seen with any sort of
mileage, and the kickstart shaft oil seal has also usually leaked because of the
wear involved.

I have developed a modification to the oil seal and the crankcase cover using the
centering bush and an O ring. This works very well to reduce the play and the oil
leaks from the shaft, and will eventually be written up in the technical section.